Reach for the Skies


We’ve all been there. One minute we’re sitting in front of our computers, working away diligently, the next minute everything has crashed.


We get on the phone to the IT company, and, after 25 minutes on hold, they tell you that the server is down and that they’ll look into it.


IT companies just don’t care


It sounds harsh, but often it can seem as if IT companies don’t care. Are they bending over backwards trying to fix the problem because they know that you have a meeting in fifteen minutes? Probably not. Are they worried about the fact that Jack, in the office next to you, has to access files from last year to finish his proposal and get it out to meet deadline. I don’t think so.


There’s nothing worse than putting the final touches to a presentation, only to have it disappear into the deep, dark, internal landscape of PC-land.


Downtime like this happens more frequently that you may realise. The result? Lost files, interrupted work schedules, and frustrated staff members.


When you are finally back up and running, you get an email from your IT company telling you that your servers can’t handle the number of users so you need to spend X amount of dollars (usually in the thousands) to get it fixed.


How do you solve this problem?


Well, there are several issues to consider, and your IT company in Perth is probably the most important. Good service - without the babble of industry jargon, non-specific promises and long response times – is imperative in a fast moving and dynamic business environment. If your IT company isn’t delivering, it may be time to consider shifting your loyalties.


When you have little knowledge around the intricacies of computer-speak, and no time to educate yourself, you need to know that whoever is in charge of your IT knows what they are doing.


If you are spending up to 30 minutes holding the line, waiting to speak to a human voice (not a recorded message), it’s probably time to look else-where.


Is your license vulnerable?


Did you know that if your data is not stored in Australia it’s not covered in your Australian Financial Services Licence? If your IT company in Perth is storing your data overseas, you may be in trouble. Even if you simply use Dropbox to store your client data, you’re in trouble too.


With the amount of technology now available, it’s time to stop being weighed down by slow servers, limited storage, and dodgy security. Expand your horizons and look to the sky for your answer.


Look to the sky for the answer


Cover Cloud users can work from anywhere, anytime, with a full office experience. Cover Cloud allows you to access workstations anywhere, anytime, fast. Mobile, desktop, and remote login activated, anyone in your firm can access their data and applications 24/7.


We're on standby 365 days per year with our help desk, and mitigate your risks with advanced disaster recovery.


If you need more information, contact FocusNet Technology on 1300 077 777 and ask about Cover Cloud today.