The Top 5 Reasons to Use the Cloud

IT Solutions

The ‘cloud’ has become a common place term in the world of business and I.T. though there are so many variables it is often difficult to see how each offering is able to improve business. Furthermore, with so many strategies, and an equal amount of compelling arguments, the challenge is often more about the decision whether to “go” cloud, rather than considering “how” cloud’ technology can assist your business.


Previous focal points for I.T. planning included whether or not to ‘outsource’ the I.T. department, however, with the development of cloud services the current area of interest is driving business efficiencies through the use of always on, cloud based and managed, available anywhere and on any platform, technologies.


At FocusNet Technology we take pride in the fact that we provide the right solution for you and your business. We always evaluate a clients’ environment and match the best of breed technology to their needs. FocusNet Technology provide Confidence when considering the cloud, because we work with key industry partners to understand business processes, industry requirements and cyber security to provide a stable and secure end-to-end technology solution for your business.


If your solution is the cloud, then FocusNet Technology has you covered.


If your I.T. issue requires an alternative solution, then we cover that too.


Here are our top 5 reasons to use the cloud:

  1. Business Agility: Cloud Services provide the ability to reduce Capital Expenditure costs, resource costs (both recruitment and remuneration) and improve the adaptability of I.T. systems to ensure shifts in the market can be identified, adopted and implemented quickly.
  2. Reduced Capital Expenditures: With Cloud Services, the real cost of infrastructure is managed by the Cloud partner, and your business is free to increase / decrease resources without the need to invest in non-returnable hardware/licensing.
  3. Scale: FocusNet Technology’s Managed Hosted Cloud Platform encourages business growth by allowing adaptable and dynamic changes to resources without the delays of implementing additional on-premise hardware or software.
  4. Access from Anywhere: Having the ability to do business anywhere, anytime, is one of the major benefits of cloud services. Unlimited access to your applications and data is available to authorized users anywhere there is internet connectivity.
  5. Cloud benefits are measurable and pay for themselves: From efficiency gains to improved employee mobility, organisations can measure business outcomes and the significant benefits of their cloud investments.


Cover Cloud by FocusNet Technology offers a host of other benefits for Insurance Brokers and Underwriters across Australia, so if your server is end of life, is slowing you down or is low on storage space, consider moving to the cloud. Cover Cloud users can work from anywhere, anytime, with a full office experience.

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